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A Black and White Baby Quilt and a Sneak Peek

Good morning all you lovelies!!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Mothers Day weekend, whether you have a mom, are a mom have the desire to be a mother I hope that your day was extra special!!

 I have lots of projects going on here this week and I spent the better part of yesterday finishing off the afghan that I showed you last week! I will post the final results later on! I have to say I really am addicted to crochet!! I couldn't put my crochet hook down until that blanket was finished!! It totally consumed me!! My husband who barely notices if I paint a wall or rearrange a room, even appreciated it and put in an order for his own! So I will start working on that once I have some more projects under my belt!

Today I will be finishing up the quilt top for another baby quilt. I finished all the blocks before I started my afghan and then couldn't stop crocheting long enough to work on anything else! The block pattern I chose once again came from my go to site for quilt blocks. You guessed it, McCalls Quilt Blocks. I know I have talked about this site on more than one occasion but its just such a great resource! I especially think this is a great place to start if you have never quilted before! Each pattern has a level of skill indicated all the way from beginner- to Super skilled, ok maybe they don't call it super skilled but it takes some super skill to do some of those bad boys!! If you are wanting to make a quilt and don't know where to start, I would say hop on over to the site and brows through the large selection of patterns and make a block and see what you think!

As I mentioned I have lots of projects going on here!  I am going to provide a little glimpse of a project that I am currently working on with my other fabulous sister in law who is a vinyl guru!! She has her own Etsy shop that is called Bedtime Crafts with some pre-made blocks and signs. But she also does custom orders I would more than recommend her to anyone who needs some vinyl in there life! She is helping me with a custom project that will go in my boys room. My twins room has been quite the project and I really haven't done a dang thing!! I have re-decorated that room in my mind about a hundred times! But I think this little project was just the inspiration I needed to get the ball rolling! So stay tuned and hopefully I can show you this awesome project that may or may not include a quote from one of my favorite series of books ever written.

Happy Tuesday Everyone!!


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