A little bit about me!

Hello all, I'm Rachel and this is mostly about being a quilter. Or a piecer?? I love to piece quilts together, but the actual process of quilting them is not my favorite part. Am I even still considered a quilter?! I'm a Tennessee native who is currently living in southern Arizona- because that's where my handsome husband's job brought him. We have twin girls who were born in March of 2014, so I am a super busy person! I'm the quilter, I learned from my grandmother while she still had enough vision to teach me. My mother taught me regular machine sewing when I was young. I love fabric so much, and have grown quite the stash of it in my past few years of collecting! It's hard to know which projects to do first, so I usually have quite a few things going on at the same time. My home is not beautiful like my very talented cousin Haley's at The Mountain View Cottage, but hey, when she is done with hers, she can come do mine! What are cousins for?! Haley and I started this blog together, but she has found her true calling in home d├ęcor, so don't forget to go visit her site and send some love that way.

 I also enjoy the occasional recipe, some embroidery, and just everyday sewing as well! I've even been known to re-do a few pieces of furniture if the moment (and Craigslist price) is right. Welcome to my little space!

family photo 2017.jpg

 You can find me all over the place!