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WIP Latha's Quilt

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 I really do always start out with good intentions. This quilt is one of those things that I started with gusto and then... well... It has been sitting in my sewing room folded up for a few months now. I pieced the whole thing (it's a large queen) and that alone took quite a while! I was so happy with how it looked that I really wanted to hand quilt it so it would be even more special.


This quilt it for my cousin, Latha, who I babysat (along with her siblings, Shannon & Saylor), every summer for four or so years. I got to be close with them, even when they didn't need babysitting anymore, really just transport to and from activities. Latha is now in college at BYU-I and this was supposed to be her highschool graduation present. Oops! I figured since I wasn't finished with it, I'd just give it to her once school started, but then we moved and I was super sick for a few months. Now I'm not supposed to lift anything over 3-5 lbs. This quilt definitely weighs more than that, and I have to move it around a lot while working to re-position the quilting hoop. So for now it's on a back burner. I don't know how it'll get quilted after the twins are born, but I'm trying to think positively! So here's hoping Latha gets this quilt for her far off future wedding (maybe)! *Edited to add- She is married and still quiltless! I suck!

Just not anytime soon! Enjoy the pictures!


Family Heirloom Sheet Quilt

Rachel Estes

I always think that I've found my favorite, but when I made this Family Heirloom Sheet Quilt for Kim, I was so sad to send it away to her! I seriously want it, and it's the perfect size for my bed.


I think Kim may be one of my best customers, she will soon have purchased six quilts from me. SIX! That's a lot! I'm so grateful for people who like my stuff enough to be a return customer. Here is the latest one. I know you are all impressed with my duct tape skills as well. A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!


Kim collected vintage sheets from family members, and was able to send me enough to make a quilt for her and one as a gift for another family member. I love it when people use sentimental things in quilts, it makes them so much more special!

My awesome quilter, Tricia, picked a vintage rose pattern for the quilting- I love it! I'm always impressed at how much better quilting makes a bunch of fabric look!

As always, I stitched my little trademark cow label on the back, it just makes me feel a little more professional!

This quilt and it's twin sister have since been mailed and the Post Office has LOST the second one. This makes two huge quilts that they have lost. This one can't be replaced though, because of the sentimental value of the sheets in it. We are crossing our fingers for a Christmas miracle at the "dead mail" center in Atlanta, GA though, so this quilt can make it home!

Easy Shoo Fly Quilt Tutorial

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I've been wanting to post an easy shoo fly quilt tutorial for a while now, and since the "farmhouse style" phase is hitting hard right now, what better time? This simple quilt can be made in any color combo, or just as simple as I have made it here. We will be making five 20" churn dash blocks, and putting them together with four solid squares tomake a pattern. I have added a strip of fabric to the top and bottom of this quilt in order to make it twin sized. You can leave those strips off if you'd just like a 60-ish inch square throw for your sofa! I'll refer to the fabrics as "white/background" or tan/churn dash" for the purposes of this tutorial, but use any combo of fabrics to make this quilt as versatile as you wish! I'm thinking I'd like to have this quilt in a light blue as well!

Fabric Requirements:

White- 2.5 yards for a throw, additional 1.5 yards for twin quilt

Tan- 1 yard

Binding- 5/8 yard

Batting- twin sized

Backing- 90" or 108" wideback,  2 yards


Starting with the white/background fabric, cut four 7 1/4" strips, and subcut them into 20 squares measuring 7 1/4".

Next, with the same fabric, cut two 8" strips and subcut those into 10 squares measuring 8".

Cut two 20.5" strips, and subcut into 4 squares measuring 20.5".

With the remaining white fabric, cut three 13" strips and trim so that the ends are even.

Using the tan/churn dash fabric, cut one 7 1/4 inch strip and subcut into 5 squares measuring 7 1/4".

Then, with that same tan fabric, cut two 8" strips and subcut into 10 squares measuring 8".

Binding- Cut eight 2.5 inch strips, and follow a binding tutorial of your choice if you need help with that part!


On the ten white 8" squares, make a diagonal line from a top corner, to the bottom, opposite corner using a frixion pen, or a light pencil mark. See photo for clarification.

Pair each of these marked squares with a tan 8" square and line them up so that the white, marked square is on top.


Keeping each of these square pairs together, sew 1/4 inch away from the line on each side. Repeat for each of the 10 pairs. After this is finished, cut each pair in half by cutting on the marked line.


After the units are separated, iron each of the 20 Half Square Triangles open, by pressing the seam towards the tan fabric.


Now that you have nice, flat squares, they need to be trimmed to 7 1/4 inches square. Using a ruler like I have here, or just the markings on your cutting mat, make sure each square is trimmed and even. This type of ruler makes it really easy! Just line up the diagonal lines and trim!

Putting it all together:

Line up your blocks as pictured. Sew together in rows, then press the seams towards the tan. This will create seams that lock together when you sew each row together. After sewing the rows together, press those as you wish. Repeat for each of the five shoo fly blocks.

Next, lay out your quilt as pictured, using the large white blocks cut earlier. Sew the blocks in each row together, press, then sew each of those rows together. Press those seams as well. (Can you tell that ironing is an important part of quilting?).

Now, If you want, you can be finished with the top. I wanted mine to be bigger than a throw, so I added 13" strips to both the top and bottom. Sew your three 13" strips together to form one long strip. Fold it in half and smooth it across the quilt top. Trim each side you that you now have two strips that are as long as your quilt it wide.

Pin those strips (right sides together) to both ends, top and bottom. Sew those on and iron the seams towards the new strips. Now you have a twin sized quilt top!


That's it! Now baste, quilt, and  bind as you wish! Thanks for sticking with me for my easy shoo fly quilt tutorial!

This is my first tutorial, so please let me know of any errors, and let me see photos if you make one!

Six Quilt Tutorials for Beginners

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Quilt tutorials for beginners is a post I've wanted to do for a while now! When I first started quilting, I had a hard time finding things I wanted to make, and no idea about how to choose fabrics. The result is that the first quilt I made is ugly and was way too big! I started quilting before Pinterest, and that resourse would have helped out so much. I love how you can find nearly anything you are looking for. If you don't like any of these, here is a link to my quilting board on Pinterest! I have now come to the point in my quilting where I can make my own patterns, or have some old favorites to fall back on. Here are some tutorials I wish I had before I learned the hard way!


1. Giant Vintage Star Quilt Tutorial - At 68" square, Jeni Baker has made a simple and gorgeous quilt that is super quick to go together, and the perfect size for your couch! Think about how different colors will change the whole look of this star quilt too. Jeni gives variations in the tutorial as well, just in case you want to mix it up! If you are interested in more from her, here is her book on Amazon about using half square triangle units as well! The Half-Square Triangle

2. Ribbon Star Quilt Block- This is a tutorial for the Ribbon Star Quilt block found on the Fresh Lemons Quilts blog. You can make as many of these as you want for a whole quilt, or mix solid blocks in as well, for a more simple quilt. This page by Faith Jones is how I learned how to paper piece as well! She does a great job with quilts and also helped author a book that I own called Vintage Quilt Revival.

3. Moda Love Quilt Tutorial - Ah, the Moda Love quilt! I have made this one twice and wanted to keep it both times I did. This is simple and can be made with pre-cut fabric such as a layer cake. April Rosenthal also has other tutorials on her blog, along with free patterns, and a pattern shop to buy some of her other patterns. She also has designed two lines of fabric! Here is one of the Moda Love quilts I made.

4. Fast Four Patch Quilt Tutorial- This quilt is by Amy Smart of Diary of a Quilter. It is a quick sew, with only squares. I love how simple things are sometimes the cutest!

5. Easy Baby Quilt- Here is another easy quilt with just squares, can you tell that I like stars and squares a LOT? I also like rainbow colors, they are just so happy for a baby. This one is also pre-cut fabric friendly! Believe me, the less cutting I do, the happier I am! This one is by Sew Adorable Fabric's Hannah Eisenberg.

6. Fletcher Chevron Quilt- This quilt is awesome because it has a tutorial for five different sizes! Anything from a crib to a king can be made with this bad boy. I feel like it should be called a herringbone pattern instead of a chevron, but that isn't the point. There are also links to basting, quilting, and binding if you need help with those things.


How about a bonus tutorial that I did? Super easy Shoo-fly quilt, here it is-

The best thing about these patterns is that they are all free and simple. All you have to do is have a desire to make something, and there are many ways to do it! Here is a pinnable image, thanks for checking in to read!

Six Quilt Tutorials for Beginners

*There are some affiliate links in this post, however, I was given nothing for free. I bought any products with my own money and only recommend them because I really do enjoy them!

Useful Quilting & Sewing Tools - A LIST!

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If you are like me, you want the practical and most useful quilting & sewing tools out there, but don't want to spend an arm and a leg, sell your children, and live in a box. Here is my list of the most helpful things that I have found as a basic sewer and a quilter. Some things, like the rotary cutter and mat, I don't know how people do without them! I guess you can make things work out of necessity, but these things sure make life easier!


  • Rotary Cutter- There are all sorts, and different sized blades. I'd go with a 45mm blade, they are not too big, not too small, they are just right! There are different sorts of handle grips, but I haven't had trouble with any kind in particular!


  •  Cutting Mat- This Olfa mat is my favorite one and the best at "self-healing" in my opinion. Getting a mat was a game changer for me!


  • Quilting Ruler- These rulers are so great! You use them along with the rotary cutter and mat to cut a perfect line/strip of fabric. So much easier than using scissors! I like this one in particular because it has a little lip on the end that kinda hooks onto your cutting mat for stability.


  • Frixion Erasable Pens- These are used by quilters to mark quilting or cutting lines on fabric. Then, when you are finished, just use a hot iron and the ink disappears! So handy! I have gone through a few packs of these, and haven't found a better option.


  • Needles- These are needles for hand sewing. I use them to attach my binding to the opposite side of the quilt, and I'm partial to this brand.


  • Sewing Machine- You can piece quilt tops with the most basic machine. I like the brand Janome and the Bernina brand. If you are planning on quilting a larger quilt by yourself, I have my eye on the Janome 8900 QCP!


  • Extra bobbins- So useful to have one of these for each color thread, you don't want to have to unwind other colors to fill with the color you need!


  • Clover clips- These are wonderful little clips to keep binding in place while you sew it on, to keep hexies on cardboard, or to keep bulky seams together while sewing.


  • Basting/Safety Pins- These are great for when you are prepping layers to quilt, for holding larger projects together, and other things I can't think of right now!


  • Good Scissors- A pair of good fabric scissors is a huge plus. Any time you have odd shapes or curves, you need scissors instead of a rotary cutter.


  • Straight Pins- A must for matching seams in a pieced top. Pinning pieces together make things line up better.


  • Thread Snips- These are great to have at your machine to trim any little threads. Lots of sewing machines have a built in thread cutter, but I am so used to clipping my threads now that I prefer little scissors.



  • Seam Ripper- I wish that I could say I never needed to rip out mistake stitches, but alas, I am human. I have used this baby more than I care to admit.


  • Iron- Every time you sew a seam, that seam needs to be ironed. I have gone through a few irons in my 5 years of quilting, but I like the T-fal one pretty good!


That does it for my roundup of most useful quilting & sewing tools! Hope this helps anyone who is looking for a place to start! I have added affiliate links to make finding these products easier! I am not paid by Amazon to do this, but may get a small commission if you purchase through a link I share here.

Here is a pinnable image, of my useful sewing & quilting tools- thanks for looking!

Briar Rose Quilt FINISHED!

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 Time really flies when you are putting something off.. Well, this is embarrassing... This quilt has been a LONG. TIME. COMING! My overdue Briar Rose Quilt. This fabric (Briar Rose by Heather Ross) was ordered as soon as she released the collection. I pieced it when we lived in our town home in Yuma, before I even thought about having babies I think. After it was finished, I put off getting a backing and it sat folded for a while. Then I finally got a backing and some batting and took it to my quilter, and POOF! She was gone, moved to Sacramento!  Eventually I ended up being pregnant and not caring about finishing projects, had the girls, and that was that. When I eventually started getting away from all the crazy newborn sleep deprivation stuff, I started wanting to get back on top of my projects. They are 18 months, and I finally got this one to my new quilter (whom I love), and bound it while I watched all of the Batman movies. I'm just so cool, I know. Quilting AND Batman, I mean! Here it is in all it's huge glory! I think it's probably a king size? I'm not going to go measure it :) Here are links to the official Heather Ross and Windham pages if you are interested.

Wee Wander and Far Far Away Girl Quilts

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Wee Wander and Far Far Away Girl Quilts.
Shortly after Haley's baby was born, she asked if I would make two girl quilts for her daughters for Christmas- YES OF COURSE I WILL! I think that Haley is one of the most talented people that I know, and I'm so lucky to be able to blog with her and share a shop! Her home is really as pretty as the photos she posts of it. So, the fact that she would want anything I made in there, well, I must say that I was flattered. Next, she wanted me to use Heather Ross Far Far Away for one quilt, and Sarah Jane Wee Wander for another, and she basically let me pick the patterns and everything! It was so fun to make these and I loved it. Luckily I can make girls quilts for my house too! My poor husband is outnumbered big time.  I'm still inept at taking good photos of quilts! Oh well, here is my small attempt to share what I've done.


We are still here and kicking, don't worry! Between sick kids, house projects, Haley's newborn, her Christmas orders already flooding in.... Let's just say we have been busy! I have already started making stockings for the shop as well, those should be coming soon.


Ps. Patterns are Emerson Star by Quilt Story (Heather & Meg), and the Rhoda Ruth pattern by Elizabeth Hartman.

Fabric used is Far Far Away (with a little Briar Rose) by Heather Ross and Wee Wander by Sarah Jane.

Daysail Pillowcase

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My latest finish is a Daysail pillowcase! My mother has always loved the patriotic colors red, white and blue. When Bonnie & Camille released their "Daysail" collection of fabrics, I knew that I had to make something for my mom with some of them! I haven't had much time to sew lately, due to a move, but I still wanted to make something. I have also wanted to try English paper piecing, so I just combined the two things I wanted to do. I hand stitched all of my hexies together, made the pillowcase using this tutorial. It worked perfectly! I did a lot of this while the twins were napping and I was watching "Friends" for the first time. I still haven't finished all of the seasons, but I thought since they were on Netflix, why not?

I love the simple things that make a statement, so I appliqued the hexagon patch I made onto the sleeve of the pillowcase.

This should have made it to her by the 4th of July, but she ended up getting it for her birthday instead (July 22nd)! I've had to wait to share, because she was on a trip and hadn't opened it yet! Hopefully she will enjoy. 


Gender Neutral Nursery Reveal!!

NewsHaley Estes

I have been looking forward to actually sharing this post for quite some time!! I had my husband haul the armchair up the stairs and drill in this chandelier this afternoon and its FINALLY done!! For those of you who don't know I am expecting our 4th baby who's gender is a complete surprise! I have been planning this nursery pretty much from the second I saw those two lines indicating we were pregnant! I really wanted something that was gender neutral but didn't scream HEY look at all this yellow and green we have no idea what this baby is! I hope its just enough feminine and masculine to fit whomever may be joining us late this summer!

The starting point for this nursery was the walls. I knew from day one I wanted to do some Joanna Gaines inspired ship lap walls, and paint everything white! this was such an easy project but did require 2 people! Thankfully my husband is a total trooper and we got this part done in about 3 days (with lots of breaks and time with our 3 kids in between). There are plenty of tutorials on how to achieve this look so I wont go into detail extreme detail,we painted the whole room white and then used a nail gun to adhere the 6.5 inch x 8ft strips to the wall staggering them so that the seams didn't mach up on the following rows. I then filled in the holes with wood putty, and painted the planks the same white color on the walls which is swiss coffee by Sherwin Williams. The wood was 4x8 foot sheets of $13 wood with a smooth surface we cut into planks our self from Home Depot. Once that part was complete the rest was a lot of fun! I made all of the quilt block inspired signs, and used other odds and ends from our home including all the pillows, and the fur rug I already had. All the pillows I sewed myself, and the rug is from Home Goods. The cable knit rug on the floor I got 75% during thier mothers day sale and I love it! Its super soft and adds an extra gentleness to the space. The crib skirt was my one splurge item and is from Restoration Hardware Baby and Child. The arm chair I literally snagged off the side of the road for free, and used a $20 paint drop cloth to cover it myself. That was probably the hardest project in the whole room hands down! The desk was also another free side of the road treasure I re-painted with grain sack Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint a few summers ago and was actually already in the room. The curtains were also already in here, the rod is from target and the drapes are from Ross. The arrow is from Rustic Nest on Etsy! and was such a fun addition to the space! The quilt was a custom piece from my dearest Rachel and there are lots of others from her in our shop!

That pretty much sums up the space! I am so pleased with how it turned out and and am totally planning on doing lots more planking of walls through out the house!! The last manner of business is just to bring our baby home in a few weeks!

Product links:

crib skirt:


Rustic Wood Arrow:

Quilt Block Framed Signs:

Crib Quilt:

Fur rug (on arm chair) : Home Goods

Cable Knit Rug on Floor:

Chair: DIY

Dresser: DIY

Ship lap wall treatment: DIY

Drapes: Ross

Curtain Rod: Target

Crib: Hand Me Down from my Mother

Wall color: Swiss Coffee by Sherwin Williams

Pillows: DIY

Lamp: Goodwill

Martha's Horse Quilt

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Once upon a time, I offered to make my sister a quilt. A horse quilt, to be exact. Eventually she took me up on that offer... and my husband got a job transfer, my babies were turning one (party planning mode), my mom was flying in, I had some house projects that needed doing, and I had like three quilt orders from Etsy. All good things happen at once sometimes!

This maaaaaay be a shameless child post. I love my babies and they love this quilt, so this just happened! Also: I know the babies' socks don't match. They just got John Deere socks in their Easter baskets and are obsessed, so whatever, this outfit happened!

This is Sarah Jane's fabric again, Wee Wander collection. Martha ordered it and shipped it to my house, so she let me pick how to make it and what design to use.

I went with a simple plus design that I have used in the past and am fond of. This is a twin sized quilt, with an accent horse block to match the backing fabric!

This is so Martha, if you know her. She has been obsessed with horses for...well, her whole life really. She is super pretty, not really girly, but still likes some girl things! As soon as I showed her this Sarah Jane fabric, she knew that was what she wanted. Sarah Jane has an amazing ability to capture whimsy and happy childhood memories.

Thanks for reading this! Hopefully you don't mind seeing my sweet girls sometimes. They are such a huge part of my life that it feels funny to leave them out.

So there you have it, a horse quilt and some babies!


Elliot & Emerson's Sarah Jane Wee Wander Quilts

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With the all-consuming Instagram photo stream and it's easy access, I rarely post on the blog anymore! However, the completion of these Sarah Jane Wee Wander quilts TOTALLY deserves a whole post (complete with too many pictures). I'm sure that any followers of mine are super-sick of these quilts by now, but I'm so happy that they were finished in time for my girl's birthday.

When I finally got over my morning sickness, I decided that I needed to make quilts for the girls I was carrying. I used a couple of blocks I liked and used the Sarah Jane line of fabric "Wee Wander." It all looked great, but by the time I got all of the blocks pieced, I was dealing with preterm labor and a giant (to me) belly, so it was hard to work on my sewing projects.  I always sit on the floor to cut everything, and I could barely bend over... or stand back up! I had the babies 8 weeks early and then life was a blur for a while. This year, my only goal was to not have so many work-in-progress things going on always! A month or so before their 1st birthday, I decided that I needed to finally drag these out again and finish them before the girls big day.

Not that they care or anything, but I've realized that as a parent, I like to make things MUCH harder than they need to be!

After much lamentation that I had been too fat to trim my squares nicely before I sewed them, I got to work! I was reveling in how easy it was to work, move, breathe, and live while there aren't two kids fighting for room in your uterus. So, these didn't take much time to finish up, and I just backed them with some chevron fabric (I'm so over chevron, but I'm trying to use my stash) that I already had on hand. I used light gray crosshatch and and hand-bound them in between feedings, house hunting, and cleaning before my mom came to visit. Piece of cake!

I'm debating on doing a birthday post... did I even ever do a birth post? I don't know if anyone even cares! So, These little gold crowns were the cake toppers for the smash cakes on their birthdays. I just made them from a tutorial on pinterest, pretty easy and fun (if you like spray paint and glitter, which I do).

Fun fact: While I uploaded these photos, the sweet little twins emptied a bottle of olive oil onto my kitchen floor.

This line of fabric is so great! I love how you can fussy cut the characters to make it look different, or use it as whole cloth for a completely different look! Hopefully Sarah Jane will put something new out soon, I always love using her lines!

Ignore how my quilting isn't perfectly lined up with some of the blocks. Or, if you want a quilting lesson, look closely, and remember to always trim your blocks down to size!

Thanks for bearing with me through all of the photos! I love sharing what I'm doing for those who like to see, especially since this Sarah Jane Wee Wander fabric is pretty popular! Maybe I'll have something else soon! ~Rachel

A Custom Birthday Quilt

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This last year, I was asked to make a quilt for someone that I'd done one for when her first grand daughter was turning one. Now, her second grand daughter has turned one and I'm late with the quilt due to holiday orders. Luckily, this lady is very kind and understanding and basically said, "No pressure, just make it bright and happy!" I automatically went to my stash and chose some of my favorite designer prints... and then ordered some more. Hey, I have a problem! It could be worse than fabric addiction!

I have a new long arm quilter now that mine moved away, and I must say I love the new lady too. She did a very good job and is pleasant and easy to work with. She quilted a butterfly pattern all over this one for me!

I had a hard time choosing binding, but in the end I went with a floral aqua print that is *super Rachel* if you know me. It just seemed to match and bring both sides together! I must say I'm happy with how this quilt turned out and I'm tempted to see if I could make a copy for my own couch! Some of my favorite prints are in this baby! I hope that it is well loved, because I sure loved making it.

Hopefully I'll be back sooner with more quilts to show you all!

This quilt was my final finish of 2014, what a busy year! I had two babies, and sold more quilts than I ever have before!! What a trip. I have a feeling that this year is going to be fun, with babies turning into toddlers, and with lots more projects in my head. Happy New Year everyone!


Will's Orange Graduation Quilt

NewsHaley Estes

When my brother Ethan graduated from high school, I made him a quilt. Blue, just like he asked for. When Will was graduating, I had a bit of a life change, I was in labor with twins... For a couple of weeks, then they were born at 7 months, and in the NICU for 5 weeks (and one day). When we came home though, I was so ready to sew again. So, while my mom was here helping, I started on the orange and white fabric.

Will was always a happy camper as a kid and that's how I remember him, so the fact that he picked a happy color and not one I'd used as the main color of a quilt before was great!


I managed to even take some photos by myself, but still sent them to Haley for editing and the good stuff!

A big shout-out to my SIL, Cassie, for letting me borrow her sewing machine to quilt this thing on, I couldn't have done it on my regular machine, and it's probably a good queen size!

So happy graduation to my sweet Will and good luck with college!

Thanks for making it through all of the pictures, I couldn't resist!


Wee Wander Plus Quilt

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Another plus quilt for you all today, and now it's listed on Etsy, here. I'm enjoying making a few of these to have! This one is backed with Sarah Jane's Wee Wander fabric that I absolutely love! Little characters on fabric always make me happy :)

The front is cream with nineteen fuchsia plus signs and one aqua to match the binding.

The quilting is simple to match the quilts (lines three inches apart on the diagonals).

I used this fabric to make my twins quilts, because it reminds  me of when I was little catching fireflies/lightening bugs and running around barefoot on the farm. I hope I can give my children some semblance of my amazing childhood!

The binding is hand stitched, as usual, and there is a leather Little Bits of Everything tag on the front.

Enjoy! If you want to see where you can buy this fabric yourself, check here. And thanks to Haley for taking the pictures!


Red and Aqua Plus Quilt

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Lately there have been so many plus quilts popping up that I love! I decided to make my own sort, and got out the graph paper.

I've had the backing for this one for a long time, just needed the right idea for the front. It's bright red and aqua/turquoise, and now listed in the etsy shop.

Haley took all the photos for me, she always does such a good job. This quilt also has one of the new little leather labels with the words "Little Bits of Everything" on it!

This is a baby quilt and has been quilted by machine on the diagonals.

Thanks for looking!


Cinnamon Roll and Sugar Cookie Recipes to Die for!

NewsHaley Estes

Update and Recipes!  

So I have been kind of a slacker about blogging lately and need to get back into the habit! I find that Instagram is such a quick and efficient way to update you all on what I am doing that sometimes I forget to blog all together! So lets play a little catch up today shall we?!!!


I am currently working on my front room. It has definitely come a long way from the baby gate, grimy fingerprints, and the huge play house that was stashed in it! If you follow me on Instagram you know that I installed a fun gallery wall complete with some frames made over with milk paint and some other little nick knacks! My dear sweet husband also surprised me with a beautiful set of china for my birthday last week that works perfectly with the cool neutral/blue color scheme I have going on in there!! Its currently displayed on the dining room table in there but I would love to get some sort of a piece to display it in and keep it safe from my darling little beasts! I am also on the hunt right now for a big buffet of some sort to complete the entryway and a coffee table and perhaps an armchair!! I've been scoping out craigslist and goodwill but haven't had much luck as of yet! I will however be taking some pictures to update you on how it looks at the moment! Also on the list of  To do's for that room include: throw pillows, longer curtains ( I purchased curtains about 2 feet too short!) cornice for the tops of the windows, and some rugs! This will all come about in due time!


My machine was on the rocks for a month or so and Its finally back in working order! I am hoping to whip up some quilted pillows for the front room as well as finish up the quilts for my sisters and another for a good friend of mine!

That's pretty much what I have happening right now besides fulfilling sign orders which takes up the majority of my time these days! I can not thank you all enough for supporting our business you all rock! We continue to update and improve how we do things and are getting things done faster and shipped more efficiently! Oh the joys of modern technology!!

Now for some recipes!! My mother is the queen of the kitchen! I cannot say that I love to cook and bake like she does but I do have access to all her incredible recipes and I can pretend like I know what I am doing so long as I follow the directions! These are by far her BEST recipes of all time! and any town we have ever lived in has eventually picked up on this and wait around all year for Christmas in hopes that she might deliver some of her cinnamon rolls or sugar cookies before the holidays are over! These two recipes basically sum up my childhood! I remember walking home from school and smelling her cinnamon rolls clear down the street and running as fast as I could home to devour some! My mother is a woman of many talents and but baking is probably top of the list!! Enjoy!

Laura's Sugar Cookies:

-makes 3 dozen cookies

1 cup Butter (room temperature)

1 3/4 cups sugar

3 eggs

1 TBL vanilla extract

1 tsp lemon extract

3 1/2 - 4 cups flour

1/2 TBL (heaping) baking powder

1 tsp salt

Directions: cream together sugar and butter and mix in one egg at a time beating thoroughly add the remaining wet ingredients and then the dry ingredients. Dough should be firm and should not stick to the sides of your mixing bowl when it is done being mixed (add more flour until this happens but don't over do it)

Chill dough before rolling out.

Roll out until on a table of flour 1/4 inch thick. Cut with any cookie cutter of your choice and place on a greased baking pan.

Bake at 375 10-12 min. Cookies are done just before they begin to brown. If your cookies are brown at all they are over cooked.


4 Cups powdered sugar

3/4 butter (room temp)

3 TBL milk

1/2 tsp butter flavoring

beat the heck out of this until nice and smooth. Add any food coloring of your choice and frost away! This frosting should be firm and holds its shape!


1 2/2 CUPS  milk

3 TBLS butter (room temp)

4 cups flour

2 tsp salt

1 egg

4 tsp wheat flour

2 TBLS sugar

3 TSP yeast

mix in electric mixer: Mix milk, butter egg and sugar, add dry ingredients. Dough should not stick to the sides of the mixer when complete add more flour if it is to sticky. Grease a bowl and add dough grease the top of dough and cover with plastic wrap. let rise until doubled in size.


equal parts cinnamon and sugar

Roll out dough 1/2 thick. rub with butter and cover with cinnamon sugar mixture rub the butter and sugar mixture together with hands.  roll up dough and slice into 2 inch rolls. place rolls in a greased pan 1 inch apart. Cover and let rise until double in size.

Bake at 350 degrees uncovered for 35 min or until golden brown

let cool and when warm (not hot) frost!


6 cups powdered sugar

1 cup butter

1 TBL milk

1 TSP vanilla extract

2 tsp Almond Extract

beat until thick and but smooth frosting should be thick and hold its shape.



WIP Postage Stamp Quilt

Quilt, Quilt block, Quilting, Quilts, sewingHaley Estes

I have seen many postage stamp quilts that I love, so one night when Haley was in Yuma (and before I was even pregnant), we dove into my scrap bin and chopped it all up into tiny squares! I think they are two inches, I can't recall right now! Anyway, this is another project that I started out with gusto, but after a few strips I started working on something else. With this particular project, I don't feel too bad about it because I am always adding to my scrap pile, and I want this one to be as scrappy as possible! I love knowing which project each little square of fabric came from. I decided to alternate with white squares so each unique fabric would be able to stand alone.

I really should have started making blocks of 9 or 12 squares first, but I am just doing strips. Hey, whatever gets the job done, right?! I love postage stamp quilts so much,  and another Red Pepper Quilts project comes to mind. Check out Rita's inspirational colors and loveliness!

While this is not a hard project, it is very time consuming. I don't see this being finished anytime soon because I want it to be HUGE so I can put it on my bed.

Ah, I love random scrappy quilts!

My mother is in town right now and although I haven't been posting, we are spending our VERY limited time learning how to use my sister-in-law's PFAFF Creative Vision sewing machine, free motion quilting, setting up my mid-arm quilter, and finished a baby quilt for the shop. Oh, I also finished a custom order full sized quilt top, and just need to baste and quilt it. That always takes a while though! I'm also still working on my Layer Cake Sampler Along from Material Girl Quilts! This is all on the side happening slowly as I moogie my (now 2.5 month old) twin girls! They don't like it when I sew, so everything happens much more slowly, which is just fine! I love holding them and kissing their fuzzy little heads and watching them get bigger and stronger every day!  Emerson is 9 pounds, 10 oz and Elliot is 7 pounds, 14 oz. That was as of June 2nd. The are definitely no longer in preemie sizes, which makes for one happy mamma! One last thing, go like Haley's photography page on Facebook, she did an amazing job with the girls! If you are anywhere near Tucson you should check her out!


Blue Pinwheel Blocks

baby, News, Quilt, Quilt block, Quilting, Quilts, sewingHaley Estes

Guess who this tutorial is from? Red Pepper Quilts (of course)! I always seem to gravitate to her style! These are just some tester blocks to see if I wanted to make a whole project out of them, and I like the look. This is the Kaleidoscope Quilt Block and the finished design looks marvelous! Go here to look at Rita's along with the tutorial!

I chose blue for mine because I seem to have a LOT of blue fabric pieces that I need to use up! I gravitate to blues and pinks when I'm sewing, so I've tried to start adding the other colors to my stash as well. I was mostly deficient on orange, green, and purple. Oh, and yellow! I have lots of white, black, and red to go with my excess of blue and pink.

This is a very simple paper pieced pattern if you are wanting to learn that skill, this may be a good starter project for you! I think I may make a few more to equal nine or twelve, and use them as the center of a "modern" baby quilt. I'll see what it looks like when I actually have a few more together and then make a  decision!