Flannel Receiving Blankets

Hello everyone! Today I’m here with something a little more practical for a newborn than a quilt!

blanket1 blanket2 blanket3 blanket4

I did these when my babies were a month old, still in the NICU, and I couldn’t tell you how many times I’d washed all of their bedding! At my baby showers, I thought I’d never be able to use all of the blankets we got… Oh how little I knew back then! I used them all (except a few special ones from my mother that I didn’t want to risk losing to the hospital’s stash) multiple times and love them! Some were homemade and I really like those! They are the perfect size to swaddle a cute new baby… or two!


 I decided that since Haley and I are now on the vendor list for Project Nursery, I should make a few more nursery geared items. This is how the flannel receiving blankets came about. After I made one, I decided it was lacking, so I added a pinked felt heart and hand-stitched it in the corner. There, that’s better! I plan on making these as sets of two and selling them in the shop. Let me know if you find any flannel that catches your eye, I’d be happy to make you a set of your own. There was a cute nautical set, but those sold fast. There will be a couple more sets in the shop soon!

PS. You can find non-quilt baby gifts in this section of our shop!

Happy days!