Harry Potter Quilt


Harry Potter Quilt

This Harry Potter quilt was a sneaky surprise for my husband for Christmas! I only worked on it while he was gone to work, and he never knew about it until I gave it to him with an England Rugby jersey. Haha, he likes British things and has visited a couple of times. He also played rugby for years, so he was pretty happy with his gifts. Do you like my lovely illustrated version of the Sorcerer’s Stone? I love it so much! Can’t wait for the second book to come in October! If you are interested, here is my Amazon link to the book.

Harry Potter Quilt

Golden Snitch

Harry Potter Quilt Glasses

Harry’s Glasses

HP Logo

Logo w/ Snitch

Harry Potter Quilt



Harry Potter Quilt Deathly Hallows

Deathly Hallows

Harry Potter Quilt

Flying Ford Anglia

Harry Potter Quilt

Platform 9 3/4

Harry Potter Quilt

The Sorting Hat

All of my paper pieced blocks came from Fandom In Stitches, but I enlarged them 210% so that I could use them for the top and bottom borders of my quilt. If you are new to paper piecing, this tutorial is a great way to get started! I used this and some trial and error to teach myself. If I can do it, anyone can!

IMG_3531 IMG_3538

I collected all of the fabric for the center blocks of the quilt by shopping on eBay and Etsy for fat quarters. They were all ridiculously priced (around $20 each), so you have been warned! These fabrics are all out of print of course, and there are no were no Harry Potter fabrics in print (that I knew of) at the time I made this. Now, of course I have seen a few- I still like these old ones though!


The four corners of the quilt were cut from a panel of printed fabric from eBay as well. The backing is just a navy night sky print that I thought matched pretty well. On the side borders, I embroidered the words “Harry” and “Potter” because I was too tired to keep up the paper piecing! My quilter longarmed it for me, and that was that!

IMG_3527 IMG_3524

I just used graph paper to draw up what I wanted, and got to work! My husband keeps this Harry Potter quilt on the loveseat and grabs it whenever we watch a movie! I will admit that if he isn’t using it, I am!

Harry Potter Quilt

Like my Spell-o-tape? It’s not just ordinary Muggle duct tape…


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Samuel’s Quilt

My brother Samuel is a Marine Reserve. This Star Quilt has been in the works for quite a while because de is also the only sibling that I have (out of 5) that I haven’t yet made a quilt! I heard that he was going to be having a little promotion soon, so I decided to get in gear and finish his quilt! I used solids, in Marine-y colors that he likes. I don’t know why, he is red/green color deficient, aka-color blind, and he has a harder time with greens. I wonder how he will see this quilt… Hope he likes it! The pattern is called “No Diamonds in the Sky.” Here is a link to the quilt pattern if you are interested! If you are wanting to make a star quilt, there are so many options out there, but I’ve made this one three times! The only think I would change about the pattern is to add in some trimming instructions. Once you finish all the blocks, they aren’t perfectly even, and definitely can use a trim, so instructions about what size to trim would be helpful!

Star Quilt

Quilting by Tricia Clayton! She is always quick and does such a great job! If you are near Tucson, Arizona, I totally recommend her :)


While this quilt was being quilted, Samuel was in a nasty motorcycle wreck. Once I learned that he was going to be okay, I gathered my girls up to me and squeezed them tight. Then I bound this with even more love than usual. It ended up being a get well soon present, and I’m happy to say that he is better now!



Elliot wanted to share some rocks with Uncle Sammy too…


Ps. My mom sent me this picture :)


Samuel with his new quilt